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"Climate Change is Real" Kid's T-shirt


Image of "Climate Change is Real" Kid's T-shirt

"Our Choices Impact Them. #ClimateChangeIsReal"

I am very worried about Trump's recent executive order that will allow companies to have higher carbon emissions, leading to global warming. Trump's goal is to restore the coal mining industry so that his voters can go back to work. However, what's the point of more jobs if this planet is no longer inhabitable?

Republican or Democrat, our choices affect not just us, but all of the animals and lifeforms on this planet as well. I felt very compelled to create this image of a mom polar bear and cub standing on melting ice. Just as the ice in the Arctic is melting caused by global warming, we are running out of time to do the right thing.

**This kid's shirt is 100% cotton and shrinks a little bit after first time in the dryer. If in doubt, go ONE SIZE UP.